Transformation work for individuals wanting an optimal life.

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If you have been bothered by trauma, PTSD, or other thoughts, feelings, or behaviors then Transformation Visits are for you.  Michael practices an innovative and holistic approach to healing, informed by the latest brain-based neuroscience findings and philosophy, to resolve emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Michael facilitates profound transformation work for others to update and optimize their mind. Single incident and multiple decades of trauma can be resolved in a fraction of the time of other traditional approaches to treatment. The process itself is gentle, uplifting, and light – people DO NOT have to relive or re-experience ongoing pain, pain they have already endured and survived, during the process of having it resolved.

People Michael serves report that negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive actions, energy, and a feeling of well-being that has them feeling ready to move forward in life. Since the root causes of problems are pinpointed and resolved, and new neural pathways are created, people say that changes are enduring and that they feel astonishment that how they feel, think, and respond to certain things has been transformed.

Michael has dedicated his life to mastering, teaching, and providing healing and transformation to people.

, you’ll:

  • Level up your life.
  • Experience freedom from guilt, anger, and shame.
  • Conquer panic and phobias.
  • Overcome grief.
  • Eliminate substance cravings.
  • Experience zero physical pain from medical conditions and manage holistically.
  • Fine tune a high-achievement mentality.
  • Level up your mental game.
  • Develop, learn, and grow – and then apply this to your life.

Transformation Visits are A GOOD FIT for you if you…

  • Are ready to overcome decades worth of trauma.
  • Have tried other therapy and it hasn’t work.
  • Are ready to finally be free of the disruptive effects of trauma.
  • Are ready to finally resolve anger, shame, blame, guilt, panic, and more.
  • Are ready to live an optimal life.

Transformation Visits are NOT A GOOD FIT for you if you…

  • Simply want to be involved in “talking” therapy for years.
  • Are actively abusing substances.


Transformation Visit – Single Visit:

Designed to get the maximum done in the minimum amount of time. For example, negative effects of past traumatic events have been resolved during a Transformation visit.

    • Includes 15 – minute discovery call.
    • Length of visit – could be anywhere from 50 minutes to 135 minutes.
    • Includes follow up phone call post visit.
Transformation Visit – Day Package:

Two Transformation Visits – one in morning and one in afternoon.

Designed to address multiple areas in one’s life. More ground can be covered in the day package.

    • Includes 15 – minute discovery call
    • Includes lunch break
    • Includes follow up phone call post visit.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

What is trauma?

Psychological trauma is the result of a single distressing or recurrent distressing experience(s) or event(s) that produce an overwhelming amount of stress.  It can exceed one’s ability to cope. Trauma can cause a person to re-experience significant emotional distress, and other psychological, behavioral, physical health, and/or day to day problems.  Living in a way that is desirable and peaceful seems unattainable. Unresolved trauma can disrupt a person’s life through nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, avoidance, anger, fear, addiction, panic attacks, shame, blame, guilt, disrupted relationships, physical health problems, and more.  Trying to move forward in life without resolving the negative effects from past trauma is like trying to repair a badly broken leg with a band-aide.

Can this be done virtually?

Yes, Michael offers this service virtually for those residing far away when travel is not feasible.

What is the success rate?

Michael’s effectiveness in resolving emotional distress related to past traumatic events is approximately 90%.

What’s the process like?

Michael’s Transformation Visits are a talking and experiential process that involves use of the latest brain based neuroscience findings, metaphor, calming techniques, and more.  In this approach Michael does most of the talking. The process itself is gentle, uplifting, and light – people DO NOT have to relive or re-experience ongoing pain, pain they have already endured and survived, during the process of having pain from past events resolved.

What life problems can Transformation Visits be used to address?

  • Trauma
  • Phobia    
  • PTSD
  • Physical Pain   
  • Guilt
  • Addiction      
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Fear    
  • Blame
  • Sexual Trauma    
  • Grief
  • Abuse
  • Panic
  • Military Related Trauma
  • Emotional Abuse

Ready to

Michael only works with people who are serious about overcoming trauma, PTSD, and life’s challenges. Complete the application below to work with Michael.

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