Scott S.

I noticed a difference, I don't have anxiety like before. I don’t have nightmares like before, I don’t get worked up anymore, it doesn't phase me, it's over and I can move on. Thank you a lot for what you did. If I can help in anyway, let me know. I told my wife I'm comfortable to talk about it, so I know it worked. I don’t feel the need for ongoing therapy.

Joseph A.

I feel like a black, painful cloud has been lifted off my being. I have been replaying that session in my head and am at peace for a change. I am so grateful. A friend even noticed and said that I seem lighter, healthier in my thinking, and more energetic. Instead of feeling broken, damaged and guilty... I actually feel like it's going to be ok. Other past events have come to mind and I am trying to look at them from a different perspective.

Michelle T.

I can't say anything but positive things, I’m not getting triggered anymore by my parent’s comments - I didn't even know it used to trigger me until I realized it no longer does. Other stuff I didn't even address in session is cleared, I’m so thankful, I am so grateful to you! Ten different people have noticed a big difference in me, saying I look so much better! This has been really cool, I’m happy to share my story, physically I have felt better!

Michelle F.

In one session with Michael, my whole way of thinking opened up. I learned that it was within my power to change my experience of the past. I went there, I did my job, I served my country, I did what I was supposed to do, and I don’t regret anything I did. It wasn’t my choice, it was my sacrifice for the greater good. Everything has changed. I’m living in the present. I wake up ready for each new day. I’ve held a great job for 18 months now and I love spending time with my family… I was on a path to self-destruction, and Michael saved my life. My eldest son still remembers how I acted before I met Michael. Every once in a while, he gets worried about me. I now tell him honestly, ‘Don’t worry, son. I’m here, and I always will be.

Robert L.

The big bad wolf is gone, I had one dream weeks after we met but I was telling him what to do like he was a child & he was listening. We cleared that ghost away, I’m so happy, he doesn't even cross my thought process when I'm awake. That was amazing! I can't thank you enough! I’ve had no nightmares, I’m sleeping so much better!

Jasmine W.

Yeah, you're like a wizard, it's weird, when I think about those particular situations, it doesn't
bother me at all, it just does not bother me. Wierdest thing I've ever seen in my entire life, you're the guru of strangeness. It snapped me back to reality, I'm picturing past stuff now and it doesn't get a rise out of me. You made me a believer. Thank you so much!

Vicky S.

I have put that issue behind me. It doesn't plague me anymore, it doesn't bother me anymore. I can't thank you enough, I wish I met you years ago but I'll take it now. All the stuff doesn't bother me anymore so whatever we did that day worked. Honest to God that stuff is gone. What you did with me was miraculous.

Susan J.

Ever since I had RRT I’ve been able to look at life the way it’s meant to be looked at! I have peace, I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore, I can feel happiness, not guilt or worry, I am living in the moment for the memories that I can make now. RRT really saved me and I am so very thankful!

Teresa C.


Joan Wolford, LCSW, CRRT
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Regina Baron, LMHC
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sheryl Bolin, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ronda Wilson-Carr, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Vee Pettigrew, MSW
Addiction Therapist

Catherine Rumschlag, MS, LMHC, LCAC


Training with Michael has been life changing both personally and professionally. It has changed the way I think about things and life is flowing so much better! I appreciate Michael’s commitment to RRT and am amazed at his skill level! He makes the process look so easy even as he is being “surgically precise” in the words he uses to cause positive outcomes for the individuals he works with and those of us he trains! Michael has taken RRT to a level I aspire to reach! He is dedicated to the highest of quality to get the best possible outcomes while at the same time encouraging us to trust the process and just jump in and do the best we can with it! This training has been life changing on so many levels which then ripples out to impact my family, my friends and my clients. I can’t imagine going back to my way of practicing and my understanding of life before RRT! My life and my practice are richer and fuller, not to mention being more fun and alive with creativity and spontaneity! Much gratitude for your commitment and dedication to bringing this process more into the mainstream, Michael!

Tina Luther, MA, LHMC


I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be trained by Michael Cortina in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). It has changed how I approach therapy all together. I am more confident as a therapist because of RRT training.  Most clients have a positive shift and state they feel much better. Thank you, Michael for teaching and sharing RRT.  RRT saves and changes lives.

John F. Newbauer, Ed.D., HSPP


Michael comes to Fort Wayne to train clinicians in Rapid Resolution Therapy. I have had the privilege of being in his training here last year (75 hours) and it was a very powerful workshop. Michael not only talks about his approach but demonstrates it and trains practitioners how to do what he does. He doesn’t try to keep it a secret but works hard to help us learn the skills and accomplish similar results. He is one of the best therapy instructors I have had in the field of trauma resolution/PTSD. Keep up the good work, Michael!

Cheryl Perry Confer, MS, LMHC, EMDR Certified, RRT Trained


This RRT training will not only transform your clients, it will transform how you practice. After 30 years as a mental health counselor, I’ve sat through many hours of training, many I never applied after leaving. Not this model, you will not only be excited to use it, you will be equipped to do so. Michael’s training style will challenge your traditional approach to therapy with use of lectures, videos, live demonstrations, and opportunities to practice. It is some of the best training I’ve participated in and I would highly recommend it.

Tim Cureton, LMHC, CSAT, EDMR Certified, RRT Trained


A mental health counseling paradigm shift that will challenge even the most flexible and adaptive counselors. Michael Cortina’s presentation of Rapid Resolution Therapy allows participants to witness, through videos and live presentations, the astounding results of this life changing experience. Michael’s training will challenge and inspire attendees to develop and continually seek improvement of these therapeutic skills. My work has changed in notably positive ways since training with Michael and I believe yours will too.

Jared Eaton, Psy.D., HSPP


Michael’s trainings are fantastic!  He does a great job of keeping everyone engaged while learning the material.  Not only will you learn the techniques of RRT, but many people walk away with their own transformations.  Attending these trainings has helped me to increase my skill in using RRT and it is totally amazing seeing the change in my clients after just one session.  I highly recommend attending these trainings.  Your practice will never be the same again.

Lucinda Franco, LMHC


I have had the great privilege of experiencing several RRT trainings facilitated by Mike Cortina. Through his demonstrations, shared experiences, videos and material I gain more and more with each training I attend. Not only do I continue to gain professional growth, I continue to gain personal growth as well. Mike has always been and continues to be an encourager with using RRT and not only does he provide encouragement, but he inserts appreciation. I find the ingredients of encouragement combined with appreciation being the recipe for inspiration and self-encouragement right from the beginning! I find his trainings to be amazing, refreshing and extremely valuable to the work I do with my clients. They have provided me with a new lens to look through that have been instrumental and effective when working with clients. Each training that I attend, I am always learning something new, different and valuable and knowing this is what also keeps me going back with eagerness. There is so much support offered through his trainings with learning RRT and the support continues beyond there, which has been comforting for me knowing should I have a question or thought, I can reach out to Mike. These trainings strengthen and refine my RRT abilities and it’s extremely exciting for me knowing that I expand my RRT knowledge with each one I attend. These trainings are amazing and enlightening!!!

Michelle Starnes, MSW, LCSW


Michael is an amazing clinician and trainer!

This is my third year of attending Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) training with Michael Cortina and I learn something new and exciting each time I attend. Michael’s passion for RRT is apparent in the way he teaches and I am so humbled and grateful to learn from his expertise. RRT has been transformative for my practice and life changing for the individuals with whom I have worked. I always come out of the weekend inspired, energized and ready to practice! Thank you Michael!

Phyllis Schreiner-Tata, MS, LCAC


This is the third year of Rapid Resolution Therapy training that I have participated in with Michael. Not only have I been learning different RRT techniques, I have also been the recipient! I have a first-hand appreciation for the relief and healing it brings. Michael uses an integrated teaching style that includes PowerPoint, session transcripts, videotaped sessions, lecture, live sessions, and break-out sessions for therapists to practice learned techniques on one another. I am very happy to be using RRT with clients. There is deep satisfaction hearing clients express freedom from stuck areas in their lives. Thanks!

Joan Wolford, LCSW, CRRT


Rapid Resolution Therapy has changed my practice and my life. Mentoring and training from Michael Cortina has played a significant role in this transformation. His trainings are well organized, combining didactic and experiential learning experiences that result in participants ready to utilize this revolutionary model in their work. Passion for his own continued learning and teaching the model are obvious and contribute to an engaging training experience.

Susan Breymeyer, LMHC


Michael Cortina is highly skilled and enthusiastic as an RRT clinician. He is dedicated to helping other clinicians learn the art of healing using Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). His trainings blend both instruction and practical experience in a way that is easily understood and applied.

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