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“I’m not all wound up anymore, I just know it doesn’t bother me, it’s not controlling my everyday thoughts. I can think about work and what I want to get done and achieve, can go in there and remain calm. I really appreciate your time and what you did, thank you very much!”

Dan K.

“Oh gosh, I feel a lot stronger, things are a lot clearer, my mood is a lot lighter, not as heavy. I definitely feel a lot stronger, a lot clearer on decisions! My sleeping is phenomenal ever since we met!”

Janet P.

“You have no idea what you just did, Oh my God, I can’t believe I am smiling! You can see my dimples again. I have not been able to do that (tell that story) without breaking down for the past year!!”

Denise S.

“I Don’t think about ex-husband anymore, that’s a good thing! Once in a while it comes to mind, but it doesn’t stay with me, he doesn’t have control of my mind anymore. Way better. Glad I came to you! I’m passing the message on to others!”

Marilyn L.

“I noticed a difference, I don’t have anxiety like before. I don’t have nightmares like before, I don’t get worked up anymore, it doesn’t phase me, it’s over and I can move on. Thank you a lot for what you did. If I can help in anyway, let me know. I told my wife I’m comfortable to talk about it, so I know it worked. I don’t feel the need for ongoing therapy.”

Joseph A.

“I feel like a black, painful cloud has been lifted off my being. I have been replaying that session in my head and am at peace for a change. I am so grateful. A friend even noticed and said that I seem lighter, healthier in my thinking, and more energetic. Instead of feeling broken, damaged and guilty… I actually feel like it’s going to be ok. Other past events have come to mind and I am trying to look at them from a different perspective.”


“I’ve been doing fabulous, everyone tells me how great I’m doing, since that session! I’m not getting on scale as much, not as obsessed on that anymore. I use my symbol to fall right back asleep if I happen to wake up at night. I don’t get anxiety anymore. My therapist said I don’t need to come in anymore.”

Rachel T.

“Unbelievable, incredibly life-changing for me! For 40 years I carried the past around as part of my identity, it’s not me anymore! Thank you!”

Katie M.

“I couldn’t wait for you to call to tell you how amazing you are and how awesome it is to wake up in the morning and not have those thoughts! I could not be happier, thank you! That’s some powerful stuff, I must say, I’m very pleased. I appreciate the follow-up as well. “

Christy L.

I actually noticed really great results. I was skeptical at first and I tested it and it was level like you said. It’s really, really strange. I’m letting myself make more friends at work now, focused on moving forward. Thank you for the session, thank you very much.

James P.

“I can’t say anything but positive things, I’m not getting triggered anymore by my parent’s comments – I didn’t even know it used to trigger me until I realized it no longer does. Other stuff I didn’t even address in session is cleared, I’m so thankful, I am so grateful to you! Ten different people have noticed a big difference in me, saying I look so much better! This has been really cool, I’m happy to share my story, physically I have felt better!”

Michelle F.

“In one session with Michael, my whole way of thinking opened up. I learned that it was within my power to change my experience of the past. I went there, I did my job, I served my country, I did what I was supposed to do, and I don’t regret anything I did. It wasn’t my choice, it was my sacrifice for the greater good. Everything has changed. I’m living in the present. I wake up ready for each new day. I’ve held a great job for 18 months now and I love spending time with my family… I was on a path to self-destruction, and Michael saved my life. My eldest son still remembers how I acted before I met Michael. Every once in a while, he gets worried about me. I now tell him honestly, ‘Don’t worry, son. I’m here, and I always will be.”

Robert L.

“I have been able to love my husband like I never thought I could. I have not felt happy for 40 years, since I was 4 or 5 years old. I now feel happy! It is like being a giddy kid going to the zoo for the first time and seeing all the animals for the first time. I never thought in a million years I would be happy. Now I feel like I can actually be happy. I have a better outlook on life, thank you so much.”

Tina W.

“I do feel I just have better control of my emotions. My cousin said that I sound so different. I have not had one bad dream since we met and I used to have them every night – I can’t believe it! I don’t think about those things so often and don’t get the adrenaline rush like I used to when I do. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate this! It’s hard to explain when they way I used to feel is all you know and now you don’t, It’s so exciting! I really, really, really appreciate it.”

Tim G.

“I have put that issue behind me. It doesn’t plague me anymore, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I can’t thank you enough, I wish I met you years ago but I’ll take it now. All the stuff doesn’t bother me anymore so whatever we did that day worked. Honest to God that stuff is gone. What you did with me was miraculous

“The big bad wolf is gone, I had one dream weeks after we met but I was telling him what to do like he was a child & he was listening. We cleared that ghost away, I’m so happy, he doesn’t even cross my thought process when I’m awake. That was amazing! I can’t thank you enough! I’ve had no nightmares, I’m sleeping so much better!”

Susan J.

“Hi, Michael I wanted to reach out and tell you, thank you so much. I feel so much better. I don’t feel like I am carrying that emotional burden anymore. I have been telling everyone about you. If you would like to do a follow-up video or testimonial let me know. I also stopped the medications they had me on. So I know what I am feeling is real not medically induced. I pray God blesses you and your business to help others. The world needs this.”

America J.

“Amazing It’s an investment in your health. You blew my frickin mind! My kids noticed a difference in me. Things that would set me off don’t now”

Yessie L.

“This session was more helpful than 20 years of therapy. It’s a miracle!”

Julie T.

“Tell Mr. Cortina his treatment was a huge F@#&*!# success! Flashbacks are gone now!”

Janie Y.


Catherine Rumschlag, MS, LMHC, LCAC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor – Private Practice

Michael is top notch as both a trainer and a clinician!  I absolutely love watching him work both through videos and live demonstrations. His commitment and passion to serve and to provide the very best outcomes possible comes through in his very presence.  I have experienced training with Michael for multiple years and multiple times per year and cannot even begin to express the value this has had for me, for my practice and for my “guests,”  (I so appreciate thinking of the individuals I work with as guests,) Training with Michael is truly a life-changing experience that has challenged and enabled me both personally and professionally to become a better version of myself,  The Cortina Method is a framework put together within which there are endless opportunities to creatively apply it in ways that effectively and efficiently resolve traumatic memories and limiting beliefs freeing the individual to find joy in living. Critical to Michael’s success is the understanding that trauma is individually defined and the suspension of judgement that creates a safe place which allows individuals to acknowledge and move beyond self-defeating learning patterns of thoughts and behaviors. The Cortina Method is truly taking my practice to a whole new level and the possibilities are endless.  Michael challenges us (as well as himself) to reach beyond our comfort zone and individualize our practice to fully utilize our own unique resources, I am deeply grateful for Michael’s dedication to continue learning, researching, updating, teaching and practicing a model of healing that is truly inspired yet rooted in science,  I believe the Cortina Method is absolutely making the world a better place and am honored to be a part of the healing that is happening one person at a time.

Shawn Fingerle MS, MBA, LCSW


As a licensed therapist and a Director of a large behavioral health facility I was looking for an intervention for trauma that could be performed in a few sessions yet had high impact. In my search, I met Michael Cortina at a conference where he was presenting and was intrigued by his method. I eventually brought Michael into our facility to train our therapy staff on The Cortina Method. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. His method revolutionized how we deliver care for acute and complex trauma. The results are fast, lasting and transforming and wll without having to relive the trauma. His method is a step-by-step procedure that is easy to learn and can be easily duplicated. I would highly recommend Michael as a trainer, teacher and mentor. His training is high level and the best education I have ever seen and experienced on treating trauma.

Tamara Gasior


I am very pleased to highly recommend ‘The Cortina Method’ training to all who are involved in the mental health field. Michael has achieved new heights with a remarkable methodology which incorporates compassion, respect, acceptance, and self-awareness. These positive qualities are intertwined with analytical thinking, followed by solid research into the positive impact that is created for guests. His live trainings include live demonstrations, powerful discussion opportunities, videos, and a written step-by-step guide for clinicians to feel empowered and confident in supporting their guests. This training is one not to be missed. The knowledge will strongly enhance any existing clinical work and will energize both the clinician and their guest. The training is truly life-changing!

Cheryl Perry Confer, MS, LMHC, EMDR Certified


As a mental health therapist for over 30 years, I have done countless hours of training. I found The Cortina Method training to be informative, brain-based and very relevant to my client population. Michael’s teaching style is engaging and thorough using lecture, videos, live demos and practice break-outs to ensure high level learning takes place. I was able to immediately put his method into practice with my clients. The ongoing video support and online consultation that Michael provides is a huge help for trouble-shooting difficult clients and to learn from other therapists using The Cortina Method. This resolution-based method is helping to transform my practice from a traditional talk-therapy format.

Mari Davenport, LMHC


I have had the opportunity to train with Michael Cortina in order to learn The Cortina Method. The training was thorough and has helped me to gain competence in regards to treating guests with unresolved trauma. Prior to my training with Michael I steered away from working with trauma because I did not feel I had the tools to make a positive impact. Since working with Michael, I have been able to use my skills to help guests resolve traumas that have plagued them for years. Michael approaches his trainings with patience and dedication to ensure his students walk away with tangible skills that positively impact both themselves and their guests.

Brynn Rangel BCBA, LBA


The Cortina Method has completely revolutionized the way that I partner with people impacted by trauma. It not only resolves the problematic responses associated with reliving unwanted experiences or memories, it also helps people realign with the life that they desire. I repeatedly watch the Cortina Method free people from stress, anxiety, depression and much more and equip them to move forward so that they can reach their goals and aspirations. It is by the far the most effective, fastest and most efficient method that I have used to date. The best part is that people enjoy it and have fun in the process!

It has become clear to me how so many people suffer and struggle unnecessarily. Thanks to the Cortina Method, people can be freed from their past and present distractions. The mission is to help as many people as we can; and with the Cortina Method, I am confident that we have the tools to do so.

Lucinda Franco, LMHC


Training in The Cortina Method, was amazing on so many different levels! It provided me with new and unique ways of helping my clients, in which I had never thought to do. This training stimulated my mind every second of the way as Mike’s zest and energy captured every bit of my attention. He is a FANTASTIC trainer who provided both inspiration and encouragement. I truly appreciated his passion, support, creativity and enthusiasm. The Cortina Method experience was amazing, refreshing and valuable to not only my professional growth, but to my personal growth!!! Mike is a true leader who shines!!!

Michelle Starnes, MSW, LCSW


I have trained with Michael now for several years and I learn something new and exciting each time I attend a training. The Cortina Method has been a powerful and transformative leveling up for my practice and the individuals I serve. I am quick to inform others that The Cortina Method is the best tool that I have learned in my whole career, and I mean that sincerely as I have witnessed powerful, and life-changing transformations take place. Michael’s passion both as a clinician and a trainer is inspiring and contagious. I always came out of a training deeply motivated, energized, and committed to get to work in resolving trauma and PTSD! I am so humbled and grateful to learn from Michael’s expertise and I cannot thank him enough for sharing his gift of healing.

Julia Dillon LLC, LMHC, LCAC


I finally have the tools that I need after 20 years of counseling. The Cortina Method is redefining my practice from therapy to brain-based treatment. Symptoms such as PTSD, anxiety, low self-worth and anger are resolved in 90 minutes. It is self-fulfilling to see results and lives transformed. No more months or years of treatment. What is so amazing is that Michael is supportive months after the training.

Linda Ann Remley,CAP


I hold Michael Cortina’s work with The Cortina Method in the highest regard! This is due to his eloquence in training others in trauma treatment and his elegant style of quickly shifting people into a place of well-being. He has created a trauma resolution model like no other! His training style is one of high energy, fun, deep wisdom, and compassion that fosters enthusiasm.

I’ve been around for nearly 7 decades and spent 4 of them working in mental health and I have never met someone like Michael Cortina. He is as steady as you would want a healer, leader, and trainer to be. He has a calm demeanor coupled with vast clinical knowledge and experience that has mentored me personally and allowed me to grow, develop, and evolve as a practitioner. I’ve found my visits with those seeking trauma relief to be far more focused and efficacious, the results are people restored to better than ever functioning and realization of joy in living. I am privileged and grateful to be one of Michael’s trainees in The Cortina Method.

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