Below are Michael’s services for high-achieving professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and veterans to assist them in overcoming trauma, PTSD, and life’s challenges.

The Cortina Method

Transformation work for individuals wanting an optimal life.

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In-depth training for professionals to create transformation for their clients.

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Life Transformation Program

In-depth transformative journey to create desirable thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors.

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The Cortina Method (TCM)

If you have been bothered by trauma, PTSD, or other thoughts, feelings, or behaviors then The Cortina Method is for you. Michael practices an innovative and holistic approach to healing, informed by the latest brain-based neuroscience findings and philosophy, to resolve emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Michael facilitates profound transformation work for others to optimize their brain for peak performance and emotional wellness. Single incident and multiple decades of trauma can be resolved in a fraction of the time of other traditional approaches to treatment. The process itself is gentle, uplifting, and light – people DO NOT have to relive or re-experience ongoing pain, pain they have already endured and survived, during the process of having it resolved.

People Michael serves report that negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive actions, energy, and a feeling of well-being that has them feeling ready to move forward in life. Since the root causes of problems are pinpointed and resolved, and new neural pathways are created, people say that changes are enduring and that they feel astonishment that how they feel, think, and respond to certain things has been transformed.

Michael has dedicated his life to mastering, teaching, and providing healing and transformation to people.

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Michael provides in-depth TCM trainings for professionals to create profound transformation work for the people they serve. Trainings are fast- paced, exciting, challenging, and life changing due to high-energy instruction, fascinating material, varied learning format, and live demonstrations! Michael educates, inspires, leads, and coaches others in facilitating TCM for brain optimization, peak performance, and emotional wellness! He brings out the absolute best in his trainees by imparting next level skills, fueling competence, and teaching the subtleties of causing the biggest breakthroughs of people’s lives!

Life Transformation Program

Have you felt stuck in life? Not moving forward toward your wishes, desires, goals? Knowing that you are capable of more but have not taken action steps to create it? Feeling unfulfilled, fearful, and chained by limiting beliefs that further keep you stuck?

If so, then the Life Transformation Program is for you. The Life Transformation Program incorporates TCM Visits to resolve subconscious blocks that have been preventing you from progressing in life, installation components for peak performance and emotional wellness, goal development and best practices toward goal attainment. It also includes action steps and tools to continue to harness the power of subconscious mind for maximum potential and ongoing coaching over a six-month period of brain optimization and life transformation. Goals include resolving past “stuff” creating obstacles to the life you desire, eliminating fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, and unproductive habits. Goals also include gaining understanding and useful knowledge in how subconscious mind works for practical application and productive use. Goals further include sourcing the energy within you that will fuel you forward, installing energizing thoughts, uplifting feelings, and amazing beliefs, while you pursue your goals and the life of your wildest dreams.

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Trauma/PTSD & Freedom From Medications

Military Trauma/PTS, Life Functioning

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